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chhaya center
The most awaited musical event Jingle Bell Rock Fest took place at Chhaya Center on 24th December. The event was organized by HI Entertainment, a renowned name in event planning and management. The musical fest that was organized to celebrate Christmas 2021 featured popular bands and artists including The Edge Band, Mukti and Revival, Rohit Shakya, Trishala Gurung, Sanup Poudel, Dumanics and many more.

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A lively musical event GE Fest took place at Chhaya Center courtyard on 4th December from 12 pm onwards. GE Fest was jointly organized by Garage Entertainment, Budweiser, and ISS Sound in association with Goldstar. The event presented popular artists Swoopna Suman, The Elements, Oasis Thapa, Prabesh K. Shrestha, Sushant Ghimire, Samir Shrestha, Aakash Khadka, Situsit and Ankit Vaidya. Bekcha, a famous singer, who had not disclosed his identity, revealed his face publicly for the first time through this event.

Qfx Cinema

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Qfx Cinemas is the most popular cinema franchise in Nepal that features Nepali as well as Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It has its state-of-art movie theater on the 4th floor of Chhaya Center as well. In its 3 ultra modern screens, Qfx provides one of the best movie experiences that is both entertaining and memorable starting right from ticket counter to exit. With the best screening rooms that can accommodate different sized crowd, Qfx at Chhaya has got a Dolby AT MOS sound technology that enhances sound quality in greater detail and creates a full immersive experience to the audience.


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Chhaya Center has always been a center of life and actions. This time also Chhaya Center has a special treat for all music and entertainment lovers. This December, Garage Entertainment, in collaboration with ISS Pvt. Ltd. and Aloft Hotel, is going to host "GE Fest" at Chhaya Center courtyard. The Garage Entertainment Fest (GE) that takes place on 4th December after 1 PM, has live performance by various well known artists of Nepal. Garage Entertainment is a popular name in event and artist management industry. It organizes and coordinates expertise-based solutions in celebrity management, engagement, promotion and coordination for reality shows, films, brand extension and corporate events. The celerity bands and singers that are going to perform live at GE fiesta are:

Retail Shopping

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Retail shopping incorporates selling through different channels and includes the traveling merchants of antiquity all the way to sprawling shopping malls, big box stores and ecommerce platforms. With a retail outlet, people can sell variety of things and expose customers to items and products that they didn’t even know they needed. One of the advantages of retail shopping is that retail outlet provides instant gratification and allows customer to see what they are buying up close and also for instance, they might enter the outlet looking for a pair of jeans but then end up purchasing more items.

Dashain Festival

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Dashain is finally here! And we all know Dashain is not just about rituals and celebration but also about shopping spree for Nepali people. Shopping can be overwhelming for people during such times. So, Chhaya Center is here to help you with your festival shopping. We have a variety of unique deals and special attractions in our stores to make your shopping a wonderful experience filled with fun and excitement. Let's have a look at all our Dashain deals.

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