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Owner: Pramesh Gurung, Suyiok Gurung
Shop No: 218
Location: 1st Floor
Specialties: Wifi, air-conditioner, coffee
Business Hour: 11:30 AM to 18:30 PM
Contact Person’s Name : Nabina Shakya
Mobile No : 9810307715
Email : binay-grg@hotmail.com

Broche is a local clothing brand of casual and semi luxury street wears. What is unique about the brand is all the wears are designed by Nepali fashion graduates from University of Creative Arts, United Kingdom. Their main approach is to make the designs that blend the creativity of their craftsmanship and locally available fabrics to match the modern taste. Also known for its uncompromising quality, Broche is worth a visit where you will not just shop but also support the local brand.

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