Chhaya Center – Thamel within Thamel

With a unique concept for the firtst time in Nepal, Chhaya Devi Construction has introduced Chhaya Center, Thamel. Chhaya Center is a combination of 4 Star Hotel with an exclusive Shopping Mall with a view to promote tourism in the country. Being in the heart of Thamel, this complex has a fusion of traditional architecture blended with modern facilities.

It’s a Multi-Storey set up with 350 Car Parks, 250 shopping Outlets, 7 Restaurants, Cinema Halls, Discotheque, Food Court, Super Market along with a 200 Room Hotel managed by a Western Brand bringing extra value to the Complex with wide range of Business Opportunities.

Envisioned and promoted by a group of well known Nepalese Professionals from various sectors including Banking, Tourism, Real Estate, Finance, Construction and other fields, Chhaya Centre expects to come up as the “Önly of it’s kind” of place attracting large number of Tourists and Nepalese visitors every day inviting huge potential of Business opportunities. Varieties of Products from Tourists interests to Youngsters Branded outfits and High end Luxury Goods will be exhibited at shopping outlets to appeal people of diverse range along with varieties of cuisines served by Restaurants opened with different Themes.

Unlike usual practice of letting space on rent to shop keepers and Business men, they have come with a policy to disperse in “Óutright Purchase” basis where the owners will have benefit of owning their space legally through an ownership certificate like any other properties. Acquisitiuon of Space at this complex will also entitle the retail store owners to own certain Shares of the Company on Pro-Rate basis which will not only ensure to absorb the store owners cost of regular maintenance but also provides access to over-all management of the Complex.

According to Suman Pandey, …….. of Chhaya Devi Construction, “ Chhaya Center is a three year project envisioned to emerge as the destination hub in Thamel for tourists and travelers coming to Nepal by constructing a single multifaceted building in the heart of Thamel, Our project conception endeavors to create a miniature thamel in the heart of Thamel.We have also lined up schemes with several Banks who would be willing to finance up to 70% depending on the nature of your Business and Personal credibility.

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