No. of Products: 14
Owner: Mina Lama
Shop No: 321
Location: 2nd floor, Chhaya Center
Category: Handicrafts
Business Hour: 10 AM – 6PM
Email: Minatamanaglama@gmail.com

Miyuna is a perfect gift shop offering handmade and homemade products made by housewives and mothers of more than 70 rural villages of Nepal. It provides an extensive range of products worthy for all occasions in affordable prices. From stunning felt products and trinkets to genuine herbal products including incense sticks, soaps and oils, Miyuna has something to capture your interest. It also has varieties of organic food items like dried fruits, pickles, candy and different flavors of herbal teas. Miyuna, without doubt, is a great place to pick a memorable thing for you and your loved ones!

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