India Nepal Folk Show

The India-Nepal Folk Crafts Festival 2019 was held from March 30 to April 03 at Chhaya Center. This five days’ event was aimed at promoting crafts based bilateral relations to uplift cultural exchange between India and Nepal. The exhibition was organized by South Asia Foundation (SAF) and South Asia Foundation-Nepal (SAF-Nepal). The Festival had altogether 66 stalls comprising of 20 stalls from artisans of Nepal and 46 stalls from artisans of India. The stalls showcased themes like applique work, hand printed textiles, embroidery and crocheted goods, leather wares, patch work and handloom textiles, zari works, metal wares, hand block printing, chicken work textiles, jewelry, patta painting, Mithila painting, cane and bamboo crafts, Kullu textiles and crafts, and stone work art. Enjoy our stall videos by clicking on the images below.